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GFZ Space Weather Related Projects

PAGER - Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic storms and Energetic Radiation

Stakeholders - such as satellite operators and manufacturers - require space weather predictions to have long lead times and confidence levels and that they should be tailored to particular engineering systems. These requirements will be addressed in the new PAGER project.

MAP - MAchine learning based Plasma density model

In this project we will demonstrate how machine learning tools can be used to produce a real-time global empirical model of the near-Earth plasma density based on a variety of measurements.

Space climate during extreme geomagnetic events and implications for paleoclimate studies

The project focuses on connecting and understanding long-term changes of the Earth’s magnetic field, paleomagnetosphere, solar variability and their implications on paleoclimate studies in an interdisciplinary manner, in particular considering geomagnetic excursions during the past 100 ka.

We study the configuration of the paleomagnetosphere and the solar variability over the past 100 ka, in particular during geomagnetic excursions, and their effects on the shielding against galactic cosmic rays and in situ cosmogenic nuclide production rates.